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Courier to India from Canada

If you have a business in Canada, then you may have researched the best international location for expanding your customer base. India will mostly make the top of the list as the country is one of the largest e-commerce markets. This country offers you possibilities to grow your business and build a loyal customer base. But, shipping costs from Canada to India can become a nightmare, spoiling your dreams of making an impact in the business world. Never worry as United Business Xpress Canada Ltd. can come to your rescue.

Transparent Courier Services:

The UBX Canada Ltd. can offer cheap shipping options to India. We have the low-cost option of shipping the goods from Canada to India for customer satisfaction. We offer reliable, easy-on-pocket, and hassle-free shipping services that will help you establish your customer base.

Safe and affordable shipping:

We have best team to manage Canada to India shipping. Whether you are a business or individual, you can count on us. We deliver your package safely to India. 

Fastest Delivery from Canada to India:

We ensure secure delivery of your large or small parcel from Canada to India. Apart from it, you also get a real-time tracking option. We also ensure fastest delivery and delivery time depends on the distance and various other factors. Mostly we can ship within 5-7 business days.

We offer extremely hassle-free services as customers can track their shipment using the invoice number. Using this tracking system, you will keep track of your consignment and feel at ease. The professionals working with us offer shipping solutions based on the needs of the customer at affordable costs. So, you get high-quality service at a discounted price. You can expand your business without worrying about shipping costs.


We maintain professionalism. We’re very flexible to adapt any positive changes for the betterment of our services.
We promise you what we can provide you. We value our customers and their trust in us. We maintain clarity in all of our services. So, our consumers can easily depend on us for shipping their items.
We never compromise with quality. Maintaining a quality service is our motto.

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