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Advantages of Courier Services over Public Postal Services

In today’s times, getting a specific package or product from one place to another safely, for business or personal reasons, is considered very important. ‘Today’s times’ was mentioned to pinpoint the raging pandemic since the year 2020, which had rendered physical interactions from strangers moot, adversely causing significant shipping and delivery problems.

When someone intends for a package to be delivered from one place to another using postal services, they sincerely hope that the package reaches the target audience safely and without it getting lost or tampered with or getting exchanged with some other product or parcel, such is the unreliability of today’s postal system or services. On the other hand, courier delivery services (private ones obviously) have a significant customer base who trust and rely on their proficiency and are pretty happy to entrust them because of their guarantee of making sure that their packages reach the target place at a convenient time and also ensuring maximum safety and care of the product.

Before we go on to the advantages of courier services over public postal services, let us look into the two services and learn a bit more about both of the services.

Courier Services

Courier services are those which employ people to carry their business forward. Courier services have the option or choice to use self-owned or shared but owned/private vehicles or public transportation to meet the supply expectations of these services. Courier services mainly focus on door-to-door and express delivery options, like UBX Canada, DTDC, DHL, FedEx, etc.

Their services also include other forms or choices of delivery: express delivery services, which might include, for example, pick-up or time-specified delivery on demand of the people availing the services. Courier services work round the clock and are incredibly efficient, ensuring no discrepancy in their way of working.

To ensure maximum transparency of the process, nowadays courier services have their own brand of software wherein electric proof of delivery is provided to the person availing the services. The software also usually provides the option of tracking their package from time to time. Although a bit more pricey than standard public postal or mail services, people typically choose these services because of their trustworthiness and because the cost is not as much as one would have to pay for actually traveling somewhere and making sure a package reaches there.

Public Postal Services

Public postal services are government-controlled mainly and are legally bound to proceed with every earning towards the government of that country.

Initially set up to transport or deliver letters/mail from one place to another, nowadays the mail services are rarely used for such purposes due to the introduction of electronic mail.

E-mail, which renders physical mail and its costs very obsolete and vague, seeing that messages can be relayed in just a matter of some seconds from one part of the world to another with the click of a few buttons.

Instead of mail, people mainly use the postal services to deliver parcels or packages from one place to another.

Government relations lead one to believe in the reliability and trustworthiness of the services, which is often incorrect because when mail was relevantly in use, thousands of letters were misplaced or lost by the postal services worldwide daily. So, if letters were being handled in this way, thinking that parcels would not be held the same way would be like a fever dream. In some countries, postal services are also used for financial purposes.

Advantages of Courier Services

As we have learned more about both the services, let us look into the adversities, instead, the areas in which courier services take the upper hand against public postal services.

Tracking in real-time

Whenever someone is sending or asking for some product or parcel to be delivered from one place to another, one needs to be assured that their package is on the right path. To do so, courier companies offer real-time tracking opportunities, in which the user can utilize the company’s software or contact the customer support contacts of the courier service to know about every nook and cranny of the parcel’s whereabouts.

On the other hand, in postal services, it cannot be said that there is absolutely no provision to track the products; there are ways, but they are pretty one dimensional and relatively mundane, as they just tell you the place where it was shipped from and where it is being shipped, and sometimes some updates on the way.

The same goes for international deliveries: courier companies have an excellent service for tracking international deliveries, whereas postal services can just inform about the departure and arrival of products/parcels.

Efficiency and fluency of work

A crucial feature of courier services is the fluency and efficiency they generally deliver shipments or packages. So, if someone’s package or business product delivery is built around international shipping and time is a significant factor, then courier service can be the more wise option or choice, seeing as it assures faster and better delivery quality.

In the case of postal services, one usually can observe that the delivery tends to be estimated by a specific date instead of courier services, which splurge to ensure a particular time frame of delivery. Although that is acceptable and there is nothing wrong with the method of the delivery day update, it does not imply that it’ll work for all businesses or individuals’ desires of deliveries.

Another advantage making a difference between both services is that courier services are expected to provide immediate specialized next-day delivery; and not only that, they can also give more specific delivery times for the next day delivery and are generally relatively straightforward when compared to postal services, which don’t offer a premium international delivery service.

Security of parcels/packages

This great factoid persuades businesses or individuals to use a courier delivery service, especially when the company or the individual has essential legal documents or agreements that are sensitive in nature or medical certificates or specimens that need to be handled with extra care be delivered.

The courier services usually provide their customers (businesses/individuals) with a tracking number to locate the location of their package and know when it is going to be delivered. The professionals who look after and ensure the proper delivery of the boxes/shipments and documents usually secure the packages so that there is little to no chance of them arriving harmed or misplaced or harmed or not arriving at all.

Affordability factor

Shipping packages and documents through a courier service have gained quite an upper hand over postal services, as courier service companies have better pocket-friendly options and features than postal services. Delivering a package quickly through public postal service companies can be pretty pricey because they base the cost on weight and dimensions, which is bound to hike up the prices.

Whereas in the case of a courier service, the delivery cost is mainly based on the distance covered, making it a wiser and more affordable option for shipping and deliveries in large-scale products.

All in all, the bottom line can be inferred as such that although public postal services are associated with the government, and that makes things quite reliable, one should opt for courier services, whether it is for business purposes or personal deliveries, because quite frankly, just for a small amount of money, one can avail a much better experience/delivery.

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