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10 Most Common Shipping Mistakes You Need to Avoid

The most integral part is packaging and shipping when it comes to online business. It is part of the business based on which all the customers judge. All the buyers want their product to reach their doorsteps safe and undamaged. It is their potential right to deliver them at the best possible quality. However, shipping by the company’s end is not only about delivering the product to the customers at the best possible rate, but also it represents the company’s commitment towards providing service to its buyers. In the immense competition each day, it is tough for many firms to keep pace.

Apart from them, any mistake while shipping a parcel can drag you down to the bottom of the sea instantly. It can have a devastating impact on the business, whether the error is minor or significant. However, identifying all the committed mistakes is an integral part of success. It is the central part to be played in fulfilling all the customers’ desires. It helps in establishing a stronghold over the market and ruling over others.

In the following article, business owners can become aware of all the possible risks and mistakes to avoid.

What Can Go Wrong In Shipping?

Below are all the possible shipping mistakes that could make your business lose its stronghold in the market. By knowing all of the points before the head, you will save a lot of time and rectify them as soon as possible.

Improper packing

It is the most common problem in almost every online business. Half of the problem of faulty delivery arises because of the core problem of improper packaging. In many scenarios, the product reaches a torn or damaged condition which instantly lowers your reputation and neglects any other suggestions.

Let’s suppose a situation where you are sending your packed food product to your customer, and the seal gets broken or the container is not packed correctly. In such cases, the customers fail to visit your site for the second time. This is why proper packing of your parcel is extremely important.

Importance of Padding

One of the common mistakes is not packing the parcel properly or missing out on the padding. It is essential to ensure the right amount of padding within the parcel box. Choosing the right size of container depending on the pieces of equipment to be delivered is the first step. After that comes the padding, ensuring that the objects inside are not damaged because extra space is left out in the box.

Forgetting the Customer’s Phone Number

There might be a high demand or a work rush, but the one thing you should never forget while packing up a parcel for some recipient is their phone number. It is probably the most essential part of an order. How shall the delivery partner contact the receiver if the contact number is missing? That is why you can never miss out on the receiver’s phone number. At UBXCANADA we prevent such mistakes by a thorough checkup before dispatching respective products.

Keep Proof of the Package

The only way to keep handy proof that you have done the package correctly is to keep a picture after the packaging and showcase the products in it. This can help in the future if there are any false claims of improper packaging.

Using the Correct Company’s Label

It is often seen that small companies or new companies miss out on using the appropriate company logo or label on the package. It is important for businesses to ensure that their company label or logo is being used on the box. If any other company’s logo or wrong label is used, the courier company cannot be held responsible for any false report or feedback.

Insurance can be a good option.

Parcel Insurance is a very prevalent option nowadays. Usually, most of the items ordered and dispatched, are efficiently delivered by the courier services provided, but many customers use parcel insurance nowadays to be sure and guaranteed. Especially when they know that the products inside are of great value or are very expensive if something happens to the parcel; you can get compensation insurance, otherwise, what is damaged will remain to be damaged.

Not maintaining delivery receipts. 

Maintaining a delivery receipt is most important in cases where the damage is done on courier’s part while in delivery and not in packing. Maintaining the delivery receipt mechanism is a must when the shipping company, in particular, does the damage. It affects the customer reviews as they are unaware of its mistake.

Prohibited products

Most items nowadays can be dispatched without any issue being faced, but some courier companies may not be available for shipping a few particular things. Before confirming the service, make sure that the items you want to get shipped are all allowed to get shipped by the particular courier company or not. Suppose there are certain prohibited items or products. In that case, it is best advised not to accept those orders or send them via another courier service company that does not deny that specific product.

Avoiding clear interaction with customers and your courier company

In the case of transportation and other shipping processes, it can take a moment or day late; after all, it’s in the hand of the transportation facility. In such cases, your service team should interact with the courier company and your customer should be informed of the reason for being late and should be given an estimated delay time.

Underpaying the postage

It is always to be kept in mind never to compensate in the courier process. The more you pay in the postage, the less lightly they take the package, unconcerned. They treat it as just a standard package like the rest, even though it is delicate and handled in care. They don’t make it their priority to protect it, and thus wear and tear is inevitable under any circumstances. You should consider prioritizing this factor at any cost before engaging with any courier company.

How do you avoid shipping mistakes?

Avoiding shipping mistakes is a must-cause for all firms, to satisfy the customers to the fullest and for a fruitful outcome for the firm soon. Follow the given steps below:

  • A proper audit of all your deliveries.
  • Always listen to your customers.
  • Keep appropriate track of shipping supplies.
  • Always be prepared for any last time changes by the courier.

So by the end of the article, you should be aware of all the shipping mistakes and failures to be kept in check for avoiding any further inconvenience that would hamper your business’s reputation and sales.

Such silly mistakes while packing lead to many disruptions when it reaches the customers. They post negative feedback on the internet degrading your company’s name even after such a long struggle you make with the courier company to make it a fast delivery as soon as possible. Small firms should keep in mind all the possible solutions to these problems and thus avoid them in the first place if necessary. In their peak time to rise in the market, such issues will make a wrong impression on them and stop their influx hereafter.

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