International Parcel Delivery Service in Canada


Safest shifting, transporting is possible with us. Cargo services are provided by us for every area according to your requirements. No matter how heavy or light materials are. We can carry your items and deliver those to the perfect destinations…
Logestics courier services in Canada


To smooth coordination of merchandise movement from one place to another you can trust us. We are providing safe, efficient, and timely logistic services for our customers…
Overseas Courier


In UBX, customers can get safe and reliable storage for their emergent valuable items. We help our customers to distribute their business products securely. Along with that, we are reducing your business costs by providing you bulk storage service for your business products…


We love to listen and we are eagerly waiting to talk to you regarding your project. Get in touch with us if you have any queries and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


air couriers

We are providing fast air courier services all around Canada. Domestic and international both courier services are available here.

Air Freight

UBXCanada is a well-suited option for your urgent and valuable substance delivery. We are taking special care and needs during handling your things.

Land Transport

UBXCanada team ensure their customers an efficient, damage-free land transport services. We are eligible enough to deliver your goods to the destination in time safely, securely in time.


Our team is ready to supply all types of items as per our customers’ demands. From picking up to deliver the item to its proper destination, UBXCanada is feasible to take all responsibilities.


Forget to take stress for packaging and finding storage for your belongings. We have the packaging and as well as storage facilities for our consumers all over in Canada.


UBXCanada provides a standard quality domestic and international logistic services for any kind of goods.

Not sure which solution fits you business needs?


We have a team of experts who handle customers with extreme professionalism. We adapt to the evolving changes for making sure our customers get the best services.
Unlike empty promises offered by others, we always promise to deliver. We provide utmost importance to the trust placed by the customers in our services. So, we always maintain transparency by maintaining clarity in the services offers. Customers can depend on us for the speedy shipping of their goods.
When we say affordable it does not mean we comprise on quality. Offering the best services to meet your demands by maintaining quality is our main motto. We always focus on improving ourselves for guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Our highest standard service is achieved with continuous improvement after understanding the needs of the customers.
we are dedicated to improving ourselves. We are always careful about customer satisfaction. By continuous improvement process according to the needs we are keeping the high standard service quality.
Our customers can sit back and relax while we take care of delivering their products. Customers can learn where their product has reached with the tracking service offered. Just type in the invoice details for easy tracking.
Our service is not limited to businesses or people who wish to send couriers. We offer extra baggage service to travelers and students.


Amelia Tremblay
Amelia Tremblay
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I would like to share my personal experience with UBXCanada here. You guys just make the job so smooth and simple for me. You handled my elements so carefully and sent them timely. I must say that I am glad for choosing you for delivering my items. Thanks a lot!
Felix Martin
Felix Martin
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I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know guys that you have done really a good job. It was a huge load to shift the office. But, you guys had come to rescue here. You guys have done the job so efficiently. I’m impressed! Also, from now you will be my first choice for delivering, shifting, and shipping Thank you, guys!
Ethan Wilson
Ethan Wilson
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Hi guys, I am writing this to thank you. We appreciate your team’s efforts in getting the urgent air shipment and addressing the customs approval bottleneck. We are confident that UBXCanada will always have solutions in every difficult situation to provide better services. We thank you again for all your assistance.
Mayson Gagon
Mayson Gagon
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Hello UBXCanada, a warm thank you to the entire team from my side. Their professionalism is really praiseworthy and as well as trustworthy. Thank you all for maintaining quality service.

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